With a year of unprecedented change on the horizon in the world of employment law and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) focus areas to look out for, there’s never been a better time to make sure you nail the basics of HR and Health & Safety.

If you’re in need of a refresher join our Associate Member @Citation on Tuesday 20 February at 1pm for their exclusive webinar Keeping your business compliant – HR and Health & Safety essentials covering all the HR and Health & Safety basics your business needs for success.

In this free 1-hour session they will cover:
• What makes a good contract, and what should be included in them?
• The basics of good risk assessments and how to complete one
• The five key pillars of good Health & Safety
• Key areas the Health and Safety Executive will be focusing on this year
And more!

Register now to secure your spot: http://tinyurl.com/mr32czep

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