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MACH 2018 will tangibly increase your business’s network and productivity

MACH 2018 is the premier opportunity in the UK to discover all the first-rate innovations in manufacturing technologies and envision their potential to enhance your business’s productivity.

Rowan Crozier, CEO at C. Brandauer & Co. Limited, said: “At the 2016 MACH show, we purchased a Bruderer 51-ton machine to give us a wider capability and allow us to make more complex components. That press is now running our single biggest contract that we’ve won in the last ten years.”

MACH 2018 will also provide an unrivalled network for your company to take advantage of, with countless opportunities to exchange ideas with your peers, as well as connect with potential business partners and new customers.

Martyn Page, Managing Director at Hydrafeed Limited: “Our big success story at the MACH 2016 show was the fact that we picked up a new Australasian agent, whom we had never met prior to the show. We got talking, and are now seeing sales go into Australia and installing our first piece of equipment in Tasmania, as a direct result of conversations that took place at MACH.”