We are pleased to announce that MACH Ballot 1 for companies over 200m² has now taken place. There were 14 new companies have reserved space for the exhibition, and you can see how ballot 1 has effected the layout by visiting the Live Floorplan on the MACH website.

Ballot 2 will be held on Thursday 13th October so if you are planning to enter please make sure we receive your application before the deadline on Friday 7th October.

It has been a while since the last MACH ballot draw was conducted in 2018 so for those of you new to the process, or are just feeling a bit rusty, we have some hints and tips to help you make the most of your choices.

  1. Remember the rules…

The main reasons that we rule stand choice to be invalid are:

  • The choice is less than 25% of a block
  • It is in an inappropriate product zone
  • The area is too small for the ballot group applied for i.e if you apply for Group G for stands 50-99m² a choice of 40m² on your application will not be counted.
  • Dimensions are not in 0.5m increments

We do our best to vet forms ahead of the ballot but invalid stand selections may not be counted in the draw.

  1. Send us some notes!

If you specifically need an island stand, prefer a long thin stand to a square one or have an exhibit that needs a minimum space requirement please let us know! We cannot guarantee to accommodate all requirements but we will always try and take them into account.

The same goes when splitting a stand – if you prefer the left-hand side to the right, or the top half to the bottom; please make a note on your application.

  1. Is the ballot right for you?

Not all companies need to enter the ballot; if you have a small number of loyalty points, prefer to exhibit in a specific product area (such as additive or digital) then take a look at the non-ballot areas of the floorplan, you can take the lottery out of the process and book an available stand directly.

If you want to fill in the form online please visit the MACH Ballot Page or in you have a question you can email the team at [email protected].

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