The Made Smarter organisation has issued its July newsletter which has a focus on digitalisation and how companies can play a role in industry’s growth.

They have case studies around the use of digital technology in the home goods and furniture market and how a chocolate maker has used automation to increase productivity.  At first glance, the relevance of these to our members may not be obvious but there are always ideas that can be triggered across sectors, so it is worth taking a quick look at these stories.

Of more direct interest to MTA and EIA members, is the piece about how Forth Engineering which specialises in manufacturing bespoke robotics for the nuclear, oil and gas, marine, and renewables sectors.  They’ve drawn on support from made Smarter to invest in a hardware and software solution that enables their clients to virtually examine a 3D model of their asset.

You can view the newsletter at  There is also a link to register to get the Made Smarter news directly at the bottom of the message.

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