Make UK is pleased to announce the 26th September as National Manufacturing Day in 2024. Encourage your network of manufacturers to sign up and pledge support here – Employer Form | NMD 2024 ( Attached is a template invitation for your use.

The Department for Business & Trade have been in touch and are looking for some feedback from the sector on the potential impact of the current disruption in the Red Sea on trade and supply chains. If you are picking up intelligence from your network, please let us know:

  1. What impact are you seeing on your/your members supply chains and input costs?
  2. How do you see those impacts evolving over time – what the different time-horizons for decision making in different sectors?
  3. What mitigations have you put in place so far and what are you considering?
  4. Is there any information or support from Government that you/your members are looking for?

Below is a series of links to the items discussed during the meeting:

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