We recently wrote to you letting you know that we would be launching a series of Regional Member Meetings for the MTA, EIA and AMUK as well as companies looking to join one of these associations.

We are delighted to announce the first two events will be taking place in January at the Advanced Propulsion Centre (Warwick) on Tuesday 17th and at Factory 2050 (Sheffield) on Wednesday 18th January. The aim of these events are to allow members to discover and/or be reminded about MTA services, help you create a network of local contacts and links to OEMs in addition to being informed on a current topic.

The agendas will follow a similar format of an update from the association, guest speaker and tour of the facility.

You can book your free space via https://www.mta.org.uk/events

Following this event, we will be running other similar briefings around the UK so keep an eye out for a regional meeting near you.

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