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MTA Additive and Digital Promotional Booklet - Request for Assistance

As you may be aware, the MTA have recently started an Additive and Digital Technical Committee. The first meeting for this committee concluded that the MTA should look at promoting these technologies to the UK supply chain aiding their uptake and adoption.

With that in mind, we have produced a promotional video which aims to provoke the viewer into considering whether they should consider digital manufacturing technology solutions ( We are also now in the process of creating something similar for additive manufacturing technology. Following on from these videos, we aim to host several events around the UK where manufacturing companies can engage with the technology suppliers and hopefully look at adopting the technology to benefit their company.

One of the other areas we are also working on, is an additive and digital manufacturing technology promotional booklet. As part of this we are very keen to have information on our members who provide products, training, services or anything else, in either one or both of these areas. With that said, if you are interested in being included in this booklet can I please ask that you respond to this email confirming your interest, in which area you company operates (i.e. additive, digital or both) and what your company provides in that area (i.e. products, services, research, training etc).

The deadline for responses will be the 12th October 2018, after which I will send out a blank booklet template to be filled in by those who have expressed interest in participating – please note that we are expecting the template to have space for a company logo, 1 or 2 pictures and 200-300 words.

Please contact the MTA’s Technical Manager Joshua Dugdale at  if you have any questions regarding any of the above.