We have received a Call For Evidence from the newly formed Business and Trade Committee of the Business and Trade Department (formerly DIT).

We are a valued partner of UK Government and are pleased to have been selected to give our views.

Please let us have your comments on the questions below. Deadline for acceptance Friday 30th June 2023. Return to [email protected]

The Committee would welcome written submissions addressing the following questions:

• What are the new or growing opportunities for exports which can drive UK economic growth? How can these be exploited?

• What do UK businesses need to increase exports? How does the UK compare to other countries in their support for exports?

• Are Free Trade Agreements with countries fit for the future? How will technology, such as 3D printing or lab grown foods, change trade flows in the near-to-medium term future?

• How achievable is the Government’s “Race to a trillion” target for reaching £1 trillion worth of exports per year by 2030 – and is the UK on track to achieve it?

• How adequate is the Government’s 12-point Export Strategy, Made in the UK, Sold to the World (2021)?

• What can the Government do to promote and facilitate UK exporters’ involvement in critical international supply chains? What opportunities are there for the UK to become a key supply chain partner to the United States, European Union and other democratic allies? What needs to be done to secure those partnerships?

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