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MTA has published the 2021 edition of its Basic Facts booklet which sets out some outline market data for the manufacturing technology sector which is taken from public sources.

This edition contains the data up to 2020 for the sector as a whole and for four key elements for which it is possible to get meaningfully detailed figures - machine tools, cutting tools, tool/work-holding equipment and metrology equipment.  Including estimates for other elements of the sector it shows production worth around £1.9 billion in 2020, with the UK market valued at around £1.7 billion thanks to a healthy trade surplus for the sector as a whole.

As well as the essential data on production, exports and imports - from which we calculate consumption - for machine tools and cutting tools, there is breakdown of exports/imports by product category;  in addition, for all 4 of the product groups, there is a listing of the top trading partner countries.  Basic Facts also includes data/charts on investment, with a global comparison as well as an illustration of the output trends for the key user industries of metal products, machinery, automotive and aerospace.

The production data for 2020 is due to be published in mid-August and once we have processed this, we will be updating the tables in this edition.  At that point, we will be printing copies of Basic Facts and will send all members printed copies for your use - until then, this is only an electronic document which you can download below or at

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