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The latest edition of the MTA Economic Report has been published for MTA members and can be downloaded from our web-site at you will need to login to access this page) or you can request a copy from MTA (contact:  Geoff Noon at

This provides a round-up of data, much of which is reported week-by-week in the Friday Brief, but with additional series covering both the macro-economic situation and summaries of some general data from our own surveys.

The main feature in this edition is a more comprehensive summary of our latest forecasts, reflecting the documents and presentations from our recent Seminar.  As well as the macro-economic outlook and analysis of the trends for the key customer industries - in both cases on a global basis as well as specifically for the UK - there are the MTA forecasts for the UK market for both machine tools and cutting tools, as well as the Autumn edition of the Global Machine Tool Forecast.