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MTA at EUROPM 2019

The MTA’s technical team attended the EUROPM 2019 congress and exhibition held last week in Maastricht.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is one of the main industries that is growing rapidly, it was great to see some of the MTA’s members participating. Members in attendance included Siemens Industry Software, Sandvik Osprey Ltd – Powder Group, European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) and Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). International, local experts and students had the opportunity to share their views, case studies and projects-based on subjects such as:

  • Assessing Process Capability of Metal Binder-Jetting as a Binder-Based AM process. Presented for Mr. U. Attia from MTC – United Kingdom.
  • Review of Sintering Behaviour of Different Tool Steels and Low Alloy Steels Made By MIM. Presented for Mr. L. Harris from Sandvik Osprey - United Kingdom.
  • Update on the EPMA Activities in Environment Health Quality and Safety. Presented for Mr. Kenan Boz from EPMA.
  • Presentation on ISO & Standardisation. Presented for Mr. Filip Francqui from Granutools.
  • Additive Manufacturing of functional Metallic Materials. Presented for Mr. S. Wieland from Fraunhofer IFAM – Germany.
  • Rheology of powders, assessing the robustness and impact of humidity, charging particle size and composition. Presented for Mr. L P. Lefebvre from NRC-CNRC Conseil national de Recherches Canada.
  • Feasibility Assessment of Using In-process Measurement Analysers For Metal Powders. Presented for Mr. S. Hall from MTC – United Kingdom.
  • Evaluation of flowability measurement methods and investigation of influencing factors for flowability of metal powders for additive manufacturing. Presented for Elin Oisson from Erasteel Kloster AB - France
  • Reduction of costs in AM using an innovative combination of high productivity printing parameters and the HIP-Process. Presented for Mrs. Tanja Pfeifer from Pankl Racing Systems – Austria.
  • Topology optimized soft magnetic cores by laser powder bed fusion. Presented for Mr. Tom Lindroos from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

An interesting case study presented by Fraunhofer IFAM, focused on LPBF of magnetocaloric La(Fe1Si)13 – alloys with the challenge of shaping them thin-walled structures, machining proved difficult due to brittleness, high material loss and heat treatment at temperatures > 1000 C to form the magnetocaloric La(Fe,Si)13- phase, having the goal for Additive manufacturing the geometrical optimisation.

The event proved fascinating to explore the endless opportunities of AM, this encouraged engineers and the younger generation to be more involved in Additive manufacturing as it’s a sector which is constantly growing.