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MTA Sponsor Product Showcase award at Autosport International

Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) CEO, James Selka, presented the Product Showcase Awards at Autosport International exhibition last Thursday (10th January). The awards provided a great opportunity for exhibitors to introduce their best products to industry buyers and media. The MTA also sponsored the Cross-Industry Application award which was won by Aero Tec for its FIA FT5 Safety Fuel Tank.

The competition recognised outstanding achievements in the development of products being showcased at the show. There were 9 award categories in which products will be judged.  Each category had one winner and two runners-up.

James Selka said “Companies are continuously looking to improve the safety of those who engage with their technology. Whether you work in marine, aerospace, automotive, defence or construction, safety is of paramount importance. The innovation and technology utilised in the design and construction of the FIA FT5-1999 has allowed ATL to set themselves as the industry leader for fuel cells within motorsport. At the MTA, we felt that this technology, which sets the safety standard for motorsport, has huge potential to be utilised across a number of other industries, aiding them in their continuous drive to improve safety. Therefore, this is why we have selected the FIA FTS-1999 as the winner of this year's Product Showcase Cross Industry Application Award.”

For more information and a full list of winners please follow the link