The MTA is always willing to encourage the young generation into STEM careers and are keen to support women in engineering, therefore, the MTA is sponsoring STEMazing Women – Inspiration Academy to reach the women in STEM and children with a programme that we know makes real impact.

STEMAZINGWomen initiatives are to shine as a visible role model, fulfil your potential in your STEM career and empower yourself and others to leave a legacy.

Their mission is to empower women in STEM to shine and inspire young people to become our next generation of innovators and problem solvers. This programme will give you more confidence to speak in public and will be of great help if you want to become a STEM Ambassador.

The MTA has secured a guaranteed place on one of the STEMAZING courses for a female engineer from within MTA membership. If you are interested in taking this fantastic programme, please contact Sami Ortiz at [email protected] in July or August ready to start the programme in Sept. The MTA will announce the winner at the end of the month through the Friday Brief.

For further information of this programme please visit


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