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National Manufacturing Skills Task Force

In August 2020 a letter was sent to the Secretary of State for Education regarding the skills crisis facing all sectors of UK Manufacturing because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This was the first time that signatories from across the whole of Manufacturing had come together to not only speak with one voice but with a commitment to work collectively to improve the situation and ensure that manufacturing in all its many forms has the talent it needs to rebound successfully post-pandemic and post-Brexit.

The signatories to the letter felt strongly that part of the solution to the unprecedented challenges facing UK manufacturers was to establish a National Skills Task Force comprising representatives from Industry and trade unions to work with Government colleagues from DfE, BEIS and HMT and other stakeholders.

The National Manufacturing Skills Task Force has now been formed with the original 16 signatories of the letter committed to its aims and objectives and collectively making a positive impact to the skills challenges facing all of the sectors of Manufacturing.


To communicate the purpose and key messages of the Skills Task Force with employers, individuals and Government becoming a key intersection for the sector between these three groups of stakeholders.

To provide strategic leadership and work collaboratively on areas of common interest, presenting clear and sound evidence-based proposals to Government for investment or changes to policy and offering potential solutions and methods of delivery.

Clearly articulating to education providers the needs of manufacturing enabling them to deliver training and an education curriculum with confidence that they are developing what employers need, what will have currency in the labour market and what will lead to employment.

To agree areas of common ground and key principles and commit to consistent and single messages to Government and others demonstrating a strong and aligned group covering all of Manufacturing.

Communicate and demonstrate the variety and importance of manufacturing to the Government and other stakeholders.

Focuses on talent retention and upskilling through sectoral cycles and employment peaks and troughs to ensure that skills and talent are retained within Manufacturing.

Shares best practice and resources ensuring that manufacturing retains, attracts and develops the skills and talent it needs to be successful irrespective of industry sector. Building a directory of high quality, impactful resources.

Works with partners to maximise the benefit to manufacturing of other initiatives that support the purpose and objectives of the task force.

Priority Projects

  • Focus on DWP to support its role and particularly around the topics of “what is manufacturing” and “where are the job opportunities”
  • Simple guide to the various initiatives available for employers and members across DWP, DfE and BEIS
  • Upskilling/reskilling to include digital and green 
  • Key message/communication framework 
  • Regional coordination amongst the group.

The MTA is supporting these projects and we would like to invite our members to get involve in one or more of the groups above. If you would like to participate, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Sami Ortiz at . For more information please visit