The business department, BEIS, has launched a new set of webinars on UKCA and UKNI conformity assessment marking and the phasing out of CE.

The webinars cover:

  • Economic operators and routes for conformity assessment
  • Understanding marking and labelling
  • Placing goods on the market in Great Britain
  • Placing goods on the market in Northern Ireland
  • Understanding the UK regulatory regime: focus on construction products.

There are also Q&A and one-to-one sessions.

The sessions start on May 24th and run through June and July. Details were placed on an updated web page this week:

BEIS also has this online guide:  Machinery and the new UK regulatory regime for goods.pdf

*Meanwhile, foreign secretary Liz Truss announced this week that if agreement cannot be reached with the EU on the Northern Ireland Protocol, a new bill will be introduced.  One consequence of the bill is expected to be that, once enacted, both UKNI and UKCA marks will be acceptable in Northern Ireland.

We continue to engage with BEIS on this issue.  In-confidence feedback and information relevant to that is welcome from members.

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