My name is Mark Bond my great passion is helping manufacturing and processing businesses create more time in their day while improving cost control. I understand and sympathise with how challenging life can be in manufacturing or processing. By supporting your team, we can help you overcome those challenges together.

Visual Management Project how to reduce your lead time.

I was asked by a client recently to assist them in enhancing their KPI’s and visual management as an initial stepping stone on their C.I. journey.

We started the process looking at the data they had for production and decided what would work best for their operation.

You can see from the first picture below the mapping exercise that took place, the second picture reflects the boards prior to their first 15 minute stand up meeting.

The benefits of this project were:

Lead time reduced from 6 weeks to 1 week

A more proactive maintenance regime

All departments more interactive and focussed on C.I.

If you are thinking of starting a visual management journey or require any assistance with any other manufacturing challenges please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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