The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum (SELF) has recently launched a brand-new online resource which provides further information, contains details of the other organisations, and has links to training activities and events organised by its members. SELF is currently planning webinars for later in the year with details available on the website in the coming weeks.

If you are involved in the surface engineering and coatings sector, you may be aware of SELF, a UK-run global resource network. The network is the first collaborative space for all major UK industrial trade associations, academics and research and technology organisations dealing with surface engineering and advanced coatings.

Analysis has shown that across the sector, the goods and products created and used downstream are worth more than £140bln to the UK economy. Surface engineering and coatings is rapidly becoming a standalone industry in its own right, an essential part of modern, high productivity, integrated manufacturing and design.

As a not-for-profit group, SELF can reach out to more than 100,000 members through the organisations that make up the forum of which MTA is one, represented by Sami Ortiz [email protected] who is a member of the SELF Management Team.

You can also look out for updates via a LinkedIn page – – or by following the SELF twitter feed – @forumsurface. If you do have updates that you would like to share with or through SELF or ideas for future activity, please feel free to engage with the channels described above.

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