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Our colleagues at NPL have announced the first two webinars for their Manufacturer Measurement Network (MMN).  The details are as follows:

  • Measurement Strategies:  This workshop will include a small panel of people involved in industrial measurement with a focus on dimensional measurements. Panel members will introduce themselves and tell you a little about their involvement with measurement before answering your questions which can be submitted in advance or during the event.  This webinar is on Tuesday 13th October, 1530 to 1630 and for more details and to register, go to
  • X-Ray Computed Tomography (XCT):  This is used to determine properties of materials used in manufacturing including identification of porosity and defects but is increasingly being used for dimensional and surface measurements of internal features.  This event will introduce a panel of XCT uses from NPL, industry and academia who will explain their involvement in this technology and give you the opportunity to ask them any questions that you have on the subject.  This webinar is on Tuesday 27th October, also 1530 to 1630 and more details and registration are at