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NPL MMN Event: Innovation using Emerging Technologies


The pace of technological development leading to the emergence of new technologies is rapid and it is easy to miss ideas that could be useful to early adopters. Universities and research organisations generate masses of new ideas which expand available technological know-how constantly, far too quick for any single person or small organisation to keep pace with.

This event highlights a few technologies which are either new or are looking for new applications in industry. Could any of these developments be incorporated into your own organisation? Hear from speakers who are involved in these technologies about their view of the future and perhaps identify opportunities for your own company...

Artificial Intelligence / Deep learning – Heard about it ? Let us de-mystify it!

Businesses are starting to use more complex, self-learning, models of processes and systems to derive a deeper understanding about their performance and to use this understanding to control these systems to become more productive and more capable. AI doesn’t have to be out of anyone’s reach, off the shelf products are already available to get companies started and there is much support available. Listen to what our presenters say about implementing AI in your business.

Edge computing for IoT Devices – Learn about how it can help your business!

We are producing so much data from sensors that we are in danger of using up all of the bandwidth available in communication systems and slowing down data transmission. The use of edge computing to process some of this data prior to transmission can alleviate bandwidth and speed problems and also reduce the amount of data that subsequently needs to be processed once received. How is this implemented and what are the limitations ? Learn more at this event.

Flexible electronics – Hear about how these products could revolutionise your product!

It is now possible to produce electronic circuits on flexible substrates which opens up the possibility of changing product designs which are no longer constrained by rigid boards. We have seen the advent of flexible screens and are seeing electronic circuits in clothing – what’s next ? Find out more about what this means, how it is done and see if there are possibilities for your company to use this technology.

Complimentary food and drink will be available on the evening and free parking will be available on a first come first serve basis from 5:15pm


More information will follow regarding lab tours on the evening...

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