The Machinery Regulation (2023/1230/EU) is published but only comes into force in the EU on January 01, 2027.  Until then, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC continues to apply.   So UK exporters have until the start of 2027 to ensure they meet the new rules.

HMG seems reluctant to comment much on EU regulations at the moment but UK is not currently planning to adopt the new Machinery Regulations.  OPSS (the Office for Product Safety and Standards, part of DBT) is keeping EU developments under review and assessing impacts.  The Product Safety Review was examining potential changes to the UK legislation, trying to meet some of the key challenges of the EU review is seeking to address.

And, of course, DBT said that it is indefinitely accepting the CE mark on the GB market for its 18 regulations, including the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. This means that businesses will be able to continue the use of the CE marking alongside the UKCA mark beyond the current deadline of December 2024. So – unless there is a positive move away from EU Regulations then products meeting the old and new EU Machinery Directive rules (from 2027) will be acceptable here.

Separate considerations relate to Eco-design etc products which will require additional conformity outside MD.  We may get clarity on the UK position on that early next year.

UK divergence has largely gone away in EAMA’s sector but the huge issue is EU divergence from the position we have inherited.  I think that comes through in the newly-published McLean review on regulatory reform, if you read between the lines.

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