Please be advised that a New Work Item Proposal has been loaded to the BSI Standards Development Portal for comment.

Any comments received will be submitted to the national committee “PH/9 “Applied ergonomics” for consideration when deciding the UK response to the associated Standards Development Organisation.

Proposal: ISO/NP 25033-1 – Basic muscular strength measurements for technological design — Part 1: Part 1: Muscular strength measurements definitions, instrumentation, and protocol

Please visit: ISO/NP 25033-1

Comment period end date:14/03/2024


The proposed ISO standard (on the line of ISO 7250-Part1) is being prepared to help different researchers/ national standard bodies in generating internationally compatible muscular strength databases. The standard will include definitions of strength parameters to be measured, instrumentation to be used for measurement, instrument accuracy, strength measurement protocol, and measurer training. This standard in association with ISO NP 22567 (General requirements for establishing muscular strength databases which is being prepared on the line of ISO 15535) will be useful to collect muscular strength data of various population groups. If you have any comment or need more information, please contact Sami Ortiz at [email protected]

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