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Positive action on skills training

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Engineering firms are to be asked about their skills training, in a ground-up research project supported by the MTA.  The focus will be on small and medium-sized companies that are taking positive steps to train, outside the formal, government-funded apprenticeship system.

The aim is to help to raise standards in the machinery and component supply chain sector, and to get the evidence needed to win relevant government support.  Whereas some excellent engineering apprenticeships that are funded by government and used, predominately, by larger companies are well documented,  what pro-active firms are doing outside the formal system is much less well known.  This research seeks to correct that.

Researchers will ask firms to describe, in their own terms, how they are assessing and meeting their skills needs, how and why their training is structured as it is (in-house and external), what works and what doesn’t.  A report will be published and form the basis for further action.

The work is being undertaken by the Engineering and Machinery Alliance, of which MTA is a member, with support from Semta and the Gatsby Foundation.

This is a great chance for firms get their voice heard, along with other pro-active trainers, and we would urge you to participate.  If you are interested – or if, for example, you have a customer who is taking positive steps to train outside the funded apprenticeship system – please get in touch.  Email: