As part of our continuing engagement with the business department (BEIS) both directly and through EAMA, we have been asked to help in gathering evidence of our sector is managing with regard to moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and supporting customers.

The information will inform policy-making on implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol. The UK is currently in deadlock with the EU on this hugely significant issue, which it is affecting the broader trading relationship with the EU.

We are therefore keen to hear from members, in confidence, as to their current experience.  That includes service and maintenance activities, where relevant.  Your feedback will be anonymized and will be hugely valuable and appreciated.  Please indicate as to whether you would be willing to participate in a longer survey and interview, directly with BEIS.

We will also aggregate your anonymized comments with those of other firms and feed back to participating members.

Please send any issues that you would like to raise to Jack Semple, Secretary of EAMA (email:  [email protected]) who is coordinating the response.

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