We have a new government and already we can see shifts in policy thinking and emphasis, and government getting back into gear.

Boosting productivity is back on the front burner after tailing off after an HM Treasury/BEIS consultation in 2018.  We, working with EAMA (of which MTA is a member), would like to contribute to the debate.  Please let us know what you think we should put forward to help to boost productivity.

EAMA has urged a coherent, national plan to support advanced engineering and manufacturing.  We’d welcome your views on how advice to SMEs can be given effectively.  We are also calling for increased funding for SMEs through Innovate UK. Too many high-quality bids for innovation support are rejected because there is not enough money in the budget.

Please do not feel restricted in your responses. They can be about skills, investment advice and funding support, leadership and management training, the energy or road network, export support, local authority policies – any subject relevant to boosting productivity

Also, we would love to hear from you if you have boosted productivity over the past year or so; and if so, how and the benefits that have resulted from that change. (In the economy as a whole, productivity usually falls during a recession.)

Your answers will be treated in confidence, anonymised, aggregated with the replies from other members, and the results used in discussion with government.  We will also share the results with members.  Please send any comments you might have to both Geoff Noon at MTA ([email protected]) and Jack Semple at EAMA ([email protected]).

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