Reform of the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) is out for consultation.    

Questions include which occupations currently on the list should remain, which should be removed and which should be added at various Regulated Qualifications Framework levels (RQFs).  There is a focus on: 

occupations at RQF level 3 (A-levels or equivalent training or qualification) and above that are currently eligible for a Skilled Worker visa; and occupations below RQF3 that require substantial training/qualifications and prior experience and are facing severe and unexpected shortages. 

The consultation excludes jobs that have a salary above the general threshold rate, currently £25,600. 

Members will be aware of strong pressure from other sectors for a widening of roles listed in the SOL.  EAMA says it has no indication that the terms of the SOL need to be changed for the machinery and component supply chain sector,.  Broadly, they appear to allow recruitment from abroad of people with engineering and technical skills. 

We would welcome your views, however, to inform our engagement with government for the consultation and related matters: 

Would you like to see changes to the current system – and if so, what changes? 

Do you plan to engage workers from abroad?  If so, from which region of the world and will you engage the worker directly or through an agency?  Please add reasons. 

Any other comments. 

Your confidential feedback will be much appreciated.  The closing date for the consultation is May 26th. consultation link: 

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