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Recruitment of SMEs to user-test BSI guidance

A new ISO 45001 standard for Health and Safety Management Systems will be published in March 2018. It specifies that it is suitable for business of all sizes, including SMEs.

To make sure that it works effectively and proportionately for SMEs, supporting guidance needs to be suitable for an SME audience. BSI would therefore like SMEs’ input to help get the tone and content of the guidance right.

We are seeking volunteers to provide feedback on guidance drafts - especially if you:

  • employ fewer than 250 people;
  • are not an expert in health and safety;
  • want to make a contribution to guidance which is user friendly, clear, concise, and reflects the way SMEs see the world.

What’s the commitment?  Over the next twelve months, SME volunteers should be able to put occasional time aside to read and comment, by e-mail, on a small number of pieces of draft guidance.  We expect most items to be short, so they shouldn’t take too long to read through.  There is no commitment to attend meetings or focus groups, and volunteers can withdraw at any time.

To find out more, please contact the MTA’s Technology Manager, Joshua Dugdale on by 8th March.