The manufacturing sector is vital for our economy and way of life. However, the sector is one of the largest emitters of CO2  with its energy intensive processes and use of resources. This means the sector can make a significant difference when it comes to environmental impacts by adopting more sustainable practices.

An industry under pressure

The effects from COVID, inflation and supply chain disruption are being felt as businesses face challenges from a changing policy environment, rising energy costs, and sustainability transition expectations.

And with investors, customers and regulators demanding that businesses, not only have tangible sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) targets, but credible data-driven business transition plans that outline how those targets will be met, taking action on sustainability is a business imperative.

Expert help is at hand

Ricardo is working with organisations in the sector to help reduce impacts arising from both organisations’ own operations and those associated with their supply chains. We understand the specific challenges facing manufacturing businesses including increased energy and raw material prices, supply chain resilience and the impacts across the broader environmental and social dimension.

The combination of our industry-leading sustainability expertise and our deep knowledge of the sector means we can develop tailored sustainability solutions, from strategy to implementation, that help you make real progress on your sustainability journey.

Our support empowers organisations to not only achieve their sustainability ambitions but to reduce risk and build long-term organisational and supply chain resilience. We can take you far beyond compliance, developing robust data-driven plans and effective actions that satisfy the demands of investors, regulators, clients, consumers and employees.

Whether you are yet to define your sustainability ambitions, have made an environmental commitment but aren’t sure of the most effective way to achieve it or are further along your journey and need support with implementation or independent review, get in touch to see how Ricardo’s experts can help.

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