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Safety and Health in Engineering Partnership survey

The MTA are currently signed up to the Safety and Health in Engineering Partnership (SHEP). The purpose of the partnership is to enable the engineering industry to influence and inform HSE so that we can all act together in line with HSE’s Helping GB work well strategy to improve health and safety standards within the engineering sector. We are asking members to complete the short survey in order to enable us to gain a broader understanding of some of the challenges smaller engineering companies face, how/where they get health and safety information from and what they think are their biggest risks are. The responses can be anonymised as we are primarily interested in the information the answers from the q’s provide rather than the individual company details. Please can you provide a response by 14th December 2018’.

It would be useful to reiterate how much we would appreciate this information and how valuable it will be in moving forwards with the partnership. In addition the SHEP leaflet should be attached which explains the partnership in more detail.

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