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A STEM Insight Programme

The STEM Insight programme gives you the opportunity to showcase your business by offering a STEM Insight placement to careers leaders, teachers and technicians. Studies have shown that teachers play a vital role in helping young people find the right career path. By providing immersive experiences for teachers, you are supporting them to better understand the diverse range of STEM careers and career paths available to young people and helping to inspire your future talent pipeline.

Mark Wakefield, IBM placement host, said: “'IBM is proud to have supported the STEM Insight programme from its inception. We see tremendous benefit from teachers spending a fortnight with us, experiencing a modern, high-tech environment. The impact for most is truly transformational, and inspires us to do more. Work experience undoubtedly benefits the teachers and ultimately their students, but we also benefit: from seeing our world reflected back to us through their lens and by having a better understanding of the challenges that they face in bringing their subject to life. This helps us to ensure that our STEM education initiatives are appropriately tuned to meet their needs.”

As a placement host, the STEM Insight programme allows the opportunity for low cost, small scale business investment with long term, widespread and powerful impact as well as building long-term partnerships with local schools and colleges. Participants of the programme have already benefitted immensely from being part of STEM Insight. Marie Jobson, careers lead at Churchill Community College in North Tyneside, explains how the scheme has impacted on her and her students and helped build relationships with local employers.

“Through the STEM Insight scheme I embarked on a fantastic programme of daily visits to five local STEM-based employers. The networking opportunities were priceless – since the placement, relationships with these employers have hugely strengthened our careers education programme. “Following the placement, I’ve been able to develop a robust plan to offer our year 10 and 12 students a meaningful experience at work. I now know that until you step through the doors of a company you can’t really understand what you are actually preparing young people for.”

If you would like to join other UK leading organisations and universities already working with STEM Insight, please visit , and complete the pledge form. We just need a small amount of information to set the wheels in motion!