The MTA’s TDI Challenge exists to help teachers and lecturers to promote the great work of their D&T and Engineering students and to celebrate the creativity and innovation. Our competition is open to all young people aged 14-19, students can use their Design and Technology coursework from school/college. No additional work is needed!

The competition is free to enter, and students have chances to win prizes for themselves (including a day out to watch a Cup Motorsport Race Day with UWR) also Schools and Colleges have the chance to win prizes to spend on D&T and Engineering equipment and activities.

Deadline for online entries to the competition: 31st May 2024

 Semi-final venues for UTCs: Norfolk, Coventry, Warrington, Silverstone and London

 Live finals: 10th July 2024

Place: Yamazaki Mazak, Worcester.

Find out more: The TDI Challenge | Are you ready to take the TDI Challenge?

•             YOUTUBE Video TDI Challenge

•             Flyer for Schools and Colleges

  230926_TDi Challenge 2024_A4 Flyer_V1.pdf

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