Toyota is reported to have threatened that it will stop manufacturing in the UK, should the government goes ahead with proposals that would undermine the sale of hybrids.

The Department for Transport had announced it would allow plug-ins and better self-charging hybrids to be sold until 2035 and that remains formal policy.  But is now wants to change the rules to accelerate the sale of 100% electric vehicles.

“We have a clear roadmap for achieving zero emission vehicles,” the company has said.  “Toyota is focused on achieving a long term and sustainable future including for our UK plants, as we move towards our ultimate goal of securing carbon neutral operations.”

The threat appears to illustrate conflicting priorities at the Department for Transport, regulating for zero emissions at the tailpipe, and the business department, BEIS, supporting UK manufacturing.  Despite the drive for EVs, it could be argued that losing the world’s largest car company would do little to help to reverse the decline in UK manufacturing.

The news originally appeared in the Daily Telegraph and is published without a paywall here:

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