Moonshooting are an organisation capable of delivering professional soft skills training, with a heavy bias toward the manufacturing industry. Owner, James Leet, is an accomplished trainer, coach and facilitator who has decades of hands-on operational experience at senior level within some of the industry’s top brands. Here’s what he has to say on the subject…  

“The manufacturing industry in the UK, is facing an ongoing challenge to train and retain a workforce for our future. Technology is making manufacturing an exciting place to work, as we evolve beyond dull, dirty and dangerous. Technical training is an accepted, obvious investment, at the same time, we must invest in keeping our well-trained people engaged and developing within our businesses.

Therefore, training and developing our future leaders and supervisors, our future salespeople and company ambassadors, evolving our businesses in this fast-paced world while hanging onto our core values, is crucial for sustainability to exist within our industry. 

One challenge in this area is finding a training provider for these so-called ‘soft skills’, that really understand the challenges within the manufacturing industry, and that’s where Moonshooting have a tremendous edge.”  For more information, please go to Moonshooting or contact James Leet [email protected] 07557 672751

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