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Tribunal Claims rise by 120%: Is Your Business Protected

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The latest figures from the Ministry of Justice have been released and show that employment tribunal claims have risen by 120%.

The big rise in claims is due to the lifting of fees by the Supreme Court in July 2017, which ruled they were ‘unlawful’ and a barrier to justice’.

This means there are no longer any fees preventing members’ employees from escalating their case to tribunal, which will then fall upon you, the employer, to argue the case.

Members should take action now to protect your business from a claim – as any business which has a claim made against them may have to seek legal advice through a solicitor, which costs £5,000 per claim, on average.

With your MTA membership you have access to a free employment law helpline – practical expert advice to help protect your business from a potential claim, or assistance with managing an ongoing situation.

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Protect Your Business In 3 Steps

Step 1: Correct Documentation: Employers should ensure the correct documentation is in place to avoid the risk of facing a tribunal claim and to determine the status of their staff.

Step 2: Take Advice & Follow Procedures: This will ensure employers are lowering the risk of facing a tribunal – however, there is nothing stopping a current, or ex-employee, from lodging a claim now.

Step 3: Use The Free Employment Law Helpline: Your membership provides access to free legal advice, which is necessary to assess the merits of a claim once papers are received. This ensures employers are not paying settlements when claims have no realistic chance of success.

Rising Tribunal Claims: The Latest Stats

National minimum wage: there has been a 130% increase in claims made by the end of 2017

Equal pay: there have been over 9,300 claims made between July to September 2017 – a 274% increase

Unauthorised deductions from wages: over 5,500 claims were made from July to September 2017 – a 179% increase

Failure to inform and consult during redundancy: nearly 1,000 claims were made from July to September 2017 – a 119% increase

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