We would like to share with you an invite to attend an industry roundtable with the Department for Business and Trade on the UK’s post-Brexit approach to product markings.

During April and May, the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) are holding a series of roundtables with stakeholders from a wide range of sectors, which will help them to understand how to make the UK’s approach to product marking as easy as possible for industry whilst ensuring we continue to protect consumers. These events will be held in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. You and your network can sign up to attend one of these sessions here.

As you will be aware, following Brexit the UK introduced the UKCA marking as a way of demonstrating products comply with UK product regulations. In autumn last year, government provided further flexibility to industry on product marking requirements in product sectors managed by the Department of Business and Trade by extending recognition of the CE marking and bringing a range of easements into force to make it easier to meet UKCA requirements.

The Department for Business and Trade say: We remain committed to understanding how we can make the transition to UKCA as smooth as possible. We are looking at how to support businesses in the long term to help provide clarity and certainty on our approach to product markings. The feedback from these roundtables will enable us to focus our efforts on the specific areas identified by industry and continue to develop our policy in a way that is beneficial to both businesses and consumers. We would be grateful if you could share this opportunity for engagement with your network.

Once individuals have registered, DBT will send a formal invitation to confirm attendance, with details of the venue, an agenda and questions to reflect on prior to the roundtable.

If DBT are unable to accommodate all interested attendees, they will look to arrange further opportunities for input, including through virtual events.

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