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The coordinators of the umati project - the universal machine technology interface operated jointly by VDW and VDMA - have reported reaching important milestones in recent weeks.  These include:

  • The OPC UA for Machine Tools and the OPC UA for Machinery companion specifications were published within the schedule set at EMO Hannover 2019.  For further information, please refer to the press release at  This means that users can now begin to equip products with OPC UA servers and address your customers about the new possibilities this will enable.
  • The machine tool plug fest held in August was deemed to have been a big success.  It is reported to have been the proving ground for the implementation of the specifications using the updated umati demo infrastructure.  If your developers and integrators want to get access to the documentation, please provide the coordinators with the details of the persons who need to access the private GitHub repository.
  • The Global Production Language:  the project is currently planning to show the new dashboard as part of the umati presentation during their online conference on 10th November 2020.  You can register for this at to get an overview about the ongoing  OPC UA activities.

You can get more information on this project from the main web-site at