Join us on the 4th October at 10 o’clock and find out why you should consider moving carbon up your agenda.

When we talk to people about carbon, we quite often get this feedback, ‘We want to do the right thing, but times are tough and getting my business through the current economic challenges is top of my agenda’. I fully understand and agree with this, no point in your business being Net Zero because it’s gone. But….(I know, why is there always a but!), NOT doing something can place your business at greater risk. The main drivers will be specific for your business but in general, these are the ones that we see come up the most.

  • High Energy costs – emissions = energy and energy costs are (still and expected to remain) very high. For many businesses, energy costs, which were maybe 5th or 6th in operational costs have moved to 2nd or 3rd. It’s simple, reduce emissions and you’ll reduce your energy costs.
  • Remain competitive – your competition are probably doing it or are planning to do it very soon. Don’t get left behind.
  • New business – Government, Local and Central and large Enterprises are, more and more, demanding a carbon baseline and reduction plan as a pre-requisite to doing business. Don’t miss out.

If you’d like to get some clarity, on what can be a confusing subject, and understand what options are available and what might be best for your business, join us on the 4th October.

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