Future Supply Chain

25th January 2022


“What will Primes and higher tier suppliers in the manufacturing supply chain demand in the future and how do we meet these demands? Hear from speakers about reshoring and developing the supply chain with case studies on how organisations have been successful.”

Measurements for Cycling

8th February 2022


“The National Physical Laboratory supports a very broad range of industries, one of which is cycling and the manufacture of bicycles. The Measurements for Cycling event will present case studies about how better measurement has been able to help in improving products and the performance cycling related products.”

Digitalisation – AI Ethics

22nd February 2022


“This event will see NPL’s Maya Carlyle and Rolls-Royce’s Lee Glazier delve into the importance of AI Ethics. We cannot expect equality from an AI model if it is not trained on representative data. This is where diversity and inclusion can help us with the skills needed in identifying what to look for in the data to make sure it is representative and includes all perspectives.”

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