The MTA have partnered with the vocL to offer its members a bursary for one person to participate in the vocL Leader Programme. Founded by Juergen Maier, vocL is a leading national professional development programme and network, exclusively for a new generation of value-driven, ambitious, business leaders.

Who is it for?

The three-year programme is aimed at organisations’ rising stars and future c-suite candidates. vocL Voices have an appetite to read about and speak about issues of concern to them.

They have a strong sense of social purpose, and believe, that all business leaders, and all businesses, should seek to have a positive social impact.

They have an interest in policy making and are keen to learn and to grow. They are lively communicators with a curious, questioning, creative mind, and a sense of humour.

VocL voices become authentic, expert communicators, effectively representing themselves and their companies as champions of responsible business.

The MTA VocL Bursary is available to all MTA Members that meet the bursary terms & conditions. The programme features.

Developing techniques for creating and delivering compelling messaging and engaging content in safe but real-life environments.

For example:

  • Round table discussions with top industry leaders and policymakers.
  • Panel discussions (online live and in person) with MPs civil servants, business leaders and journalists.
  • Podcast creation and participation
  • Practicing interviewing and being interviewed

Exclusive opportunities to network, connect with and learn from cross-industry leaders.

The vocL programme empowers responsible leaders by providing them with the tools, network and opportunities to practice the delivery of important messages in a safe space, leading them to have a positive impact on society as an individual and on behalf of their companies.

  • Build a recognised and responsible personal brand with support from peers and vocL Associates within the network

  • Mentored by top c-suite business leaders
  • Participation in national debates on vital business and societal issues
  • Gain exposure to policy matters and the relationship between business, society, government and policy making
  • Recognise and cultivate responsible communicators who serve as role models both within and outside the organisation
  • Enhance corporate engagement and positive societal impact
  • Boost company brand value
  • Measurably improve corporate ESG credentials and increase retention of high-potential talent

For more information on vocL please visit their website:

For details on how to apply and the MTA vocL Bursary terms & conditions please contact Danny Reed the MTA Education & Skills Manager on:

[email protected]

07926 581669

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