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Warning: Scam Alert

We have learnt of a scam which is affecting manufacturing, engineering and machinery companies in Yorkshire and the east of England. 

Operating under a business called P.S.J Tooling, 2 men are turning up to businesses who have tooling equipment offering to provide a tool sharpening service.  They are driving a top of the range Audi with foreign plates, speak very good English, and look respectable. They turn up asking for the maintenance engineer by name and offer a tool sharpening service of which they provide a demonstration.  They will provide a quotation/delivery note which they will hand write the quantities on and then upon the company signature they will remove the tools under the pretence of providing a quotation.

They will return with the tools all sharpened the next day and upon signing an order confirmation they then demand to be paid for the service. Their demand for payment will be an extortionate £20,000.  They will not leave until they have been paid although they will negotiate a much lower payment but will insist they see the transaction has been completed and during this process they will look to intimidate any staff to get their way.

During their time in your building they have taken photos of any contact numbers of your staff and they will bombard and harass you for further payment. 

The police are aware of the scam so if you are approached report it to them and let us know too.