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This is information of interest for those members who sell machinery to Spanish companies.

We are pleased to inform that 'AFM Cluster' - group of companies of advanced and digital manufacturing technology in Spain that is organized through five associations being the main and founding association "Advanced Manufacturing Technologies", has created the PLAN RENOVE to encourage and support the investments made by industrial SMEs for the acquisition of new machines and tools and industrial additive manufacturing equipment for companies that are not in bad debt until 2020. This year the government was able to contribute €50,000,000 to this Project.

Support percentage

- Only a single application is allowed per SME with a maximum application of 3 machines

€ 175,000 per machine

€ 300,000 per company

- Only for Machine Tools and 3D Printers whose value is greater than 70 thousand euros

- Small companies with less than 50 employees and that invoice less than € 50,000 will be supported with 20% of the investment and medium-sized companies received 10%.

List of types of machines for this project:

• Lathes

• Milling machines

• Drills

• Threading machines

• Sharpening, polishing and grinding machines

• Machining centres

• Special machines and transfer

• Broaching machines

• EDM Machines

• Mechanical presses

• Hydraulic / Pneumatic Presses

• Servo presses

• Punching machines

• Associated industrial automation systems of MH

• Independent parts inspection and measurement teams

• Cutting machines / threading machines

• Balancers

• Machines for forming by taping composite parts

• Panelling machines for sheet metal work

• Saws

• Bevelling machines

• Mortising machines

• Press lines

• Cutting lines with press, laser, water jet, gas or ultrasound

• Machines for the work of bars, profiles and tubes

• Machines for the manufacture and control of screws and bolts

• Engraving, marking and / or dotting machines

• Riveters

• Shot blasting machines

• Equipment and systems for industrial additive manufacturing

If you would like to have more information or have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Sami Ortiz at