We are very excited to announce two new MTA members who have joined this week!

Founded in 1958, Vision Engineering is a global, lead edge designer and manufacturer of patented ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital inspection microscope, digital 3D visualisation systems, CMM and non-contact measuring systems.

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Innovation in Life (IIL) are specialists in R&D Tax Credits, with a combined team of in-house technical engineers and an ex-HMRC claims inspector, we offer a personal service working closely with clients to identify innovative projects currently undergone by your company and extract qualifying activities associated. Almost any company, in any sector, can qualify for R&D Tax Credits under the criteria set by HMRC, and IIL will ensure that you benefit from the maximum claim value to support your business and accelerate its growth.

They offer a streamlined process, made simple by their team working with you and your Project Managers to identify qualifying activities in a concise and efficient way, and provide you with a full technical write-up of the findings. Once completed, this is submitted to HMRC by IIL, and paid out within 6-8 weeks as a tax rebate/credit or an offset against your corporation tax. They work on a contingent basis, with their usual fee of 20% only to be paid once a claim has been successfully submitted and processed.

In 2020, over 85,000 UK companies utilised this benefit and claimed almost £7.4bn (19% increase from 2019) in tax relief and is considered a significant source of funds for your company to enable you to encourage further growth and drive innovation forward.

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