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The Safety and Health in Engineering Partnership (SHEP) will be hosting a Workplace Stress webinar on 25th November 2020 which is designed to help SMEs effectively identify and take measures to reduce work-related stress - this is particularly important given the current circumstances we all find ourselves in.

The session will include a speaker from the Health and Safety Executive’s Stress Policy Team and the organisers would also like to include a case study of an engineering SME that has successfully tackled work-related stress within their organisation.

MTA is an active member of SHEP, which was established in 2018 to provide a focus and communications platform for all issues relating to health & safety in the engineering sector, participating Trade Associations and their members.  If your company has dealt with work-related stress and you would like to present at the webinar to share your experiences, please contact Sami Ortiz at MTA (e-mail: including the following details:

1.   What approach have you taken to managing work-related stress?

2.   What caused you to address the issue?

3.   Did you use any of the HSE’s resources?

4.   If you answered no to question 3, what (if any) resources did you use?

5.   What was the outcome?

Details of all potential case studies are needed by close of play on Wednesday 21st October.