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MTA Russia Office

MTA Russia Office

The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) has in-depth experience of assisting businesses establish themselves in Russia and progressively grow their market share.

The Russian Federation has set its engineering sector the target of increasing its share of the economy from 14.9% to 23% by 2020. Russian heavy industry urgently needs to up-to-date its manufacturing equipment.

The annual market for new metal-machining equipment is worth between £620m and £920m with most of this demand being met by imports. Accessing the MTA’s expertise reduces your risks in an unfamiliar market whilst increasing your profile and credibility with Russian companies.

Benefit from the MTA’s experience and tap into the business opportunities of Russia’s growth potential. The MTA has its own office situated in Ekaterinburg at the heart of the Sverdlovsk region, Russia’s largest industrial production area, which accounts for 40% of total industry output. The office is headed by the MTA’s Russia Business Director Dr Igor Bazhenov, bilingual in Russian and English with a Doctorate in the optimisation of metal cutting processes for gearbox manufacture. Dr Bazhenov has worked for Caterpillar Inc, was formerly Associate Professor of Engineering Management at the Ural Federal University and has an intimate knowledge of the Russian manufacturing technologies market.

You can contact Igor via email on