Influencing New Legislation

The MTA Technology Team actively looks to input and shape where possible, the development of any new or current legislation which regulates our members’ technology, as well as keep our members informed of those developments. 

We do this in the EU through our membership of CECIMO ( and in the UK,  through our membership of EAMA (


CECIMO is an umbrella organisation that serves the common interests and values of the European Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies at EU and global level.

Since 1950, CECIMO helps European machine tool industries and related manufacturing technologies defining the strategy to improve its leadership and global competitiveness, and promoting its development in the fields of economy, technology and innovation.

Our Industry needs adequate legislation, skilled workforces, innovation, proper financing, good supply chains and infrastructures to keep its prominent position. CECIMO responds to this exigence by keeping up with these fast-changing times and focussing on, amongst others, globalisation, sustainability, market surveillance, lack of skilled labour force and a long-term industrial strategy.

It gathers 15 National Associations of machine tool and related manufacturing technologies across Europe, representing 98% of total machine tool production in Europe, 1.300 industrial companies in Europe (EU + EFTA + Turkey) and 150.000 employees.

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EAMA is an alliance of trade associations serving the machinery and component supply chain. It works with government and other relevant parties, to strengthen knowledge and understanding, and to improve policy. The alliance has a focus on relations between the EU and UK, along with business improvement, innovation and investment; strengthening the UK supply chain; and export support.

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The EURIS Taskforce is an advisory body looking at the potential impacts of the changing relationship between the UK and EU for the UK Government, manufacturers and the media.

EURIS represents industrial product suppliers covered by the Single Market representing sectors with a turnover of over £148 billion and covers sectors responsible for over 25% of total UK goods imports and exports.

EURIS has 12 trade association members:

  • BEAMA (representing manufacturers of electrical infrastructure products and systems)
  • GAMBICA (representing instrumentation, control, automation and laboratory technologies)
  • Engineering and Machinery Alliance
  • Renewable Energy Association
  • Foodservice Equipment Association
  • Federation of Environmental Trade Associations
  • Manufacturing Technologies Association
  • Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances
  • British Pump Manufacturers Association
  • Lighting Industry Association
  • British Compressed Air Association and the British Cables Association

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