SRD Engineering, a British company that manufactures high quality precision engineering parts for challenging applications such as Formula One racing, required a parts washer to cope with the cleaning demands of its large workshop. SRD contacted MecWash to find out if the Tewkesbury-based company could  provide a system that could effectively clean machined parts  in brass, titanium, stainless and carbon steel.

Mark Bonham, managing director at SRD, comments: “Before speaking with MecWash, the team hand-washed the machined parts which took valuable time and, with an increase in workload, became slow-paced and inconsistent. We wanted a system that could provide high standards of cleaning and drying, allowing the team to focus on providing our customers with the precision parts we are renowned for.”

John Pattison, managing director at MecWash, said: “Speaking with Mark, it was clear from our initial discussions that MecWash had the experience and expertise to provide the system that SRD required.”

Using the latest cleaning technologies, coupled with specialist chemicals formulated by MecWash in-house, a MecWash aqueous cleaning system enables customers to meet the demanding requirements of industries with stringent surface finish standards.

Paul Jarratt, sales manager at MecWash, comments: “After detailed analysis  of SRD’s cleaning requirements, we recommended the Mecwash Duo. The Duo 400 was the most appropriate for SRD with a 400 x 450 x 600mm wash chamber and a compact footprint.

“The Duo process involves immersion washing, which provides higher standards of cleaning by full solution contact with all component surfaces. It has a spray wash, and a re-circulating heated spray rinse, which provides a high standard of surface finish removing detergent residues left by the wash solution. The process is completed with a hot air dry.”

John Pattison continued: “The Duo has proven to be very popular with companies working in industries including aerospace, automotive, defence, hydraulics and general engineering due to the ease and speed of use. The Duo has a range of pre-set programmes with each cycle taking typically no more than 10 minutes, making it ideal to help quickly meet growing production demands.”

SRD Engineering has a wide range of customers that includes aerospace, Formula One racing teams, blue chip organisations and local engineering companies.

Seb Meier, QHSE Officer at SRD Engineering, said: “We are now able to clean a higher volume of parts to a much higher quality standard than previously. The Duo is easy to use and effectively removes the swarf, coolant and neat oil from the components. It is very reliable, and the support and quick response from MecWash for advice or spares has been fantastic.”

Mark Bonham continued: “Many of our customers are prestigious brands who expect the highest quality of product. The Duo helps to ensure  there is no compromise in regards to cleaning and degreasing any machined component. The machines we operate include Doosan, Matsuura and DMG and it is the scale of our lathes and milling machines that enables SRD to mass produce high quality precision engineered parts with just-in-time supply. The speed and the quality of the service gives SRD the advantage over our competitors.”

“The MecWash Duo provides consistently high standards of cleanliness which gives SRD the ability to exceed their customers’ expectations.” added Mark.

John Pattison continued: “The vast range of machines possessed by SRD Engineering require effective precision parts washing. We are delighted that the Duo has improved the efficiency of the cleaning process at SRD.”   

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