Market-leading sliding head lathe supplier, Star GB, will host its annual open house event from 22-24 November 2022 at its Technology Centre in Derby. 

The educational event will be packed with the latest technology from Star and its technical partners, with machining demonstrations across its portfolio and the UK premiere of the new SD Series of sliding head lathes following its world debut at the IMTS exhibition in Chicago. 

The SD-26 Type S is an entirely new model capable of ⌀26mm machining that has been developed by Star to give engineers the ultimate mill-turn solution for complex components. 

The Type S variant on show at the event offers Star’s patent-pending twin B-axis programmable heads, where B1 has 4 front and 4 rear tools and B2 offers an interchangeable cartridge station. This station can accept twin mill drill spindles providing 6 spindles in total for angular features, or a double threading whirling attachment for complex bone screw manufacture, or a twin sleeve holder for high-speed electronic spindles for complex 3D 5-axis profile milling. 

The new model is highly configurable with numerous cartridge positions to mount various tooling attachments for complex work pieces. The ergonomic design with back working tool post to the rear of the cutting room allows easy access for swift changeovers and more room for automation to extract parts. 

Also on display will be an array of Star’s most popular machines up to 42mm diameter bar capacity including the SL-10, SX-38 Type B, SR-32JIII Type B, ST-38 and SR-20RIV Type B. The latter will be demonstrating Star’s cutting edge development in swarf management – Step Cycle Pro. 

Step Cycle Pro (SCP) is the company’s latest breakthrough to combat the challenges presented by stringy swarf when processing difficult-to-chip materials such as aluminium, Inconel, stainless steel, copper and plastics. 

The system delivers its highly effective ‘air-cut’ chip-breaking operation by oscillating the axis in synchronisation with the spindle rotation cycle and can be used simultaneously on both the main and sub spindles. This oscillation cutting method increases production efficiency by eliminating machine stoppages related to swarf entanglement and enhances tool life by reducing the temperature of the tip whilst in operation. 

Step Cycle Pro offers a dedicated interface on the FANUC CNC system that allows engineers to easily select the ideal program conditions and chip length from a database of recommendations. It can automatically adjust the actual feed rate when the function is enabled to ensure that cycle times remain unaffected and maximum output can be achieved. 

The popular NC Assist programming software will also be on display with Star’s engineers showing how quickly and efficiently CNC programs can be generated via its simple conversational interface. 

Star GB’s applications, service and sales team will be on hand to share their technical knowledge, giving existing and prospective users advice on getting the very best out of the technology on offer. Visitors will be welcome to discuss future investment plans, technical drawings and the various schemes and finance options available to make upgrading their equipment even more affordable. 

The event has an open invitation to all types of visitors and Star GB’s Technology Centre is located in Derby alongside the Rolls-Royce factory on Raynesway. It is easily accessible from the A52 and the M1 with dedicated parking. The event opens at 9:00am and closes at 5:00pm each day from Tuesday 22nd November through to Thursday 24th November, with refreshments and lunches provided for all attendees. 

Those wishing to attend are able to register online via the company’s website:; email: [email protected] or telephone: 01332 864455.

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