Whether you manufacture show cars, data control models, casting models or complete prototype vehicles: Model makers manufacture components for a wide range of applications. All these can be achieved quickly and at the highest quality using Tebis CAD/CAM technology.

With both CAD and CAM, Tebis is a perfect match for the processes in the high-tech craft of model making. Tebis users benefit from the straightforward and logical implementation of the software and the automation possibilities. In design model making as well as in body work and foundry model making, customers place the greatest importance on fast delivery at top quality. Tebis CAD/CAM is known for its great flexibility. Even with difficult data sets, model makers produce the best quality models with high surface finish.

Integrated digital twins technology for Safe CNC Machining

With Tebis CAD/CAM, collisions can be detected while calculating NC programs. Collisions can be immediately identified and avoided with the appropriate collision avoidance strategies. The most appropriate strategy depends primarily on the specific component geometry, the machining task and especially the available machine. This knowledge can be stored in NC machining templates. This means that the CAM programmer only needs to select the machine and machining elements.

Tebis template

Tebis template supports automatic tool axis orientation, automatically generating very complex 3+2 machining NC programs. Once the CAD work is done, Tebis template takes care of all the programming, leaving the programmer to continue on more pressing work. This template method along with Tebis virtual machine technology means that the user can program, for example, the full clay model “hands off” then send the setting data to the machinist who sets the model on the machine and then runs the program with little supervision. 

Precise Tool Geometry and Advanced Tooling Library

Precise tool geometry support and advanced tooling library is the ability to predefine cutting conditions such as, speeds, feeds, cutting widths and cutting depths with the actual tool geometry. These can be referenced against specific machines, materials and operation types to create the most consistent and optimised tool cutting conditions no matter who, what or how you are programming. Tebis is also capable of programming using circle segment tooling which gives time savings and potential improvements in surface finish

Machining on True Surface CAD Model

Many other CAM systems on the market calculate toolpaths on triangulated mesh even for imported CAD data with surface or solid models. Tebis CAD/CAM software offers the capability to calculate toolpaths on true surface CAD model which ensures high machining accuracy and surface finish.

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