Filtermist Systems has recently completed the installation of thirteen Filtermist oil mist filters for HEC Precision Ltd to ensure workers throughout HEC’s machine shop are protected from the risks associated with inhaling airborne oil mist particles.

The London based precision engineering company, which was formed in the 1970s, provides a wide range of machining services and finishing solutions from its 10,000sq ft premises. Quality approvals including ISO9001, EN 9100, Airbus and BAE Systems means HEC routinely supports customers in industries including Aerospace, Defence and Optics.

HEC originally contacted long-standing supplier Hyfore Workholding to discuss its extraction requirements, as Oli Riley, Hyfore’s Product Manager, explains, “We have worked with HEC Precision for over five years so we were the first supplier they thought of when they needed help with the air quality in their machine shop. Hyfore has partnered with Filtermist for a number of years – we visited HEC’s site to do an initial audit and then contacted Filtermist to arrange for some sample particle load readings to be taken. These would later act as a benchmark against which we could measure the effectiveness of the extraction fitted.”

Filtermist’s Divisional Sales Director for Oil Mist, Craig Woodward, subsequently visited HEC and used a DustTrak aerosol monitor to identify particle loadings around each of the thirteen machines on site. “The solution that we specify varies depending on factors which include the application, the type of coolant being used, the volume of particles being generated and how long the machine is typically running for,” says Craig. “HEC’s plant list includes Mazak 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC mills and various Doosan Puma lathes so we recommended that they fit a combination of our ultra-compact S800 oil mist filters, as well as larger FX4002 and FX6002 units. All of the oil mist filters were installed with afterfilters and F Monitor 2 monitoring systems which help the machine operators to spot any issues with the extraction immediately.”

The thirteen installations were completed in May and HEC is very pleased with the results, as Director Danny Recknell testifies, “We have seen a significant improvement in the air quality in our machine shop and were really impressed with Filtermist’s install engineers. They ensured the units were fitted with minimal disruption which was great as any downtime can be costly for a business like ours.”

Procuring Filtermist products and services through an existing supplier like Hyfore can make the purchasing process simpler for end-users as they do not need to set up an additional supplier on their systems. The customer can request a quote and place the order on Hyfore and then Hyfore liaises directly with Filtermist, meaning the customer can concentrate on their business.

“Filtermist is widely regarded as the UK market leader for effective oil mist extraction. Its products have been manufactured in the UK for more than 50 years and the level of service we receive from the whole team gives us the confidence to recommend Filtermist to our own customers,” concludes Oli.

Find out more about all of the products and services Filtermist offers to UK customers by visiting or calling the team on 01952 290500.

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