Total Control Pro Ltd. Wins Prestigious DIF Lighthouse Award for Manufacturing Innovation

Northampton, 21 February 2024 – Total Control Pro, a pioneer in manufacturing technology solutions, is excited to announce its receipt of the prestigious DIF Lighthouse Award, recognising its significant contributions to the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) project. 

The company’s flagship DynamxMFG® Manufacturing Platform is at the forefront of digital transformation for SMEs, offering them the opportunity to leverage advanced insights, optimise operations, reduce expenses, mitigate risks, and secure a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving manufacturing sector. 


DynamxMFG® is a cloud-based, subscription platform that delivers comprehensive control over production facilities with real-time operational visibility and analytics across the enterprise. It facilitates smart work planning, efficient shop floor data capture, precise manufacturing execution, streamlined process control, and inventory management, coupled with real-time performance reporting, ensuring optimal resource deployment. The right resources, at the right place, at the right time, doing the right task, against the right job.  


 The SMDH Lighthouse Project Explained 

The SMDH initiative seeks to revolutionize UK manufacturing through data-driven innovation, promoting the shift towards Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. It supports SMEs in their digital transition journey, offering a risk-mitigated pathway to growth with its funded proposition. 

Part of this initiative, Total Control Pro is providing a six-month base license for up to 10 users at no cost, leveraging the DynamxMFG® platform. Details on the project can be found on Total Control Pro’s SMDH Project page. 

“Including DynamxMFG® in the SMDH Lighthouse Project is a testament to Total Control Pro’s dedication to driving innovation and supporting SME manufacturers in navigating the complexities of the market,” said Dolores Sanders, CMO & Strategic Director. 

Total Control Pro is more than a supplier; it’s a strategic ally, offering SMEs comprehensive support on technology adoption, scalability, and sustainable practices in the Industry 4.0 era. 

This award reinforces Total Control Pro’s role as a leader in manufacturing innovation, highlighting its commitment to industry excellence and positive transformation. 


About Total Control Pro 

Total Control Pro Limited stands as a forefront provider of manufacturing technology solutions, empowering SMEs to excel in the digital manufacturing age. Through DynamxMFG®, the company is redefining manufacturing processes, enhancing efficiency, and promoting sustainable development. 


Media Contact: 

Lloyd Chikamba, Marketing, Total Control Pro, +44 345 680 4045 


For more information on Total Control Pro and the DynamxMFG® Manufacturing Platform, visit 

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