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EducationWelcome to the further learning pages of the MTA website.

You will find a wealth of engineering to interest you, your teachers and trainers on these pages, which continue to be updated. This web space is dedicated to students interested in engineering based manufacturing and the associated technologies.

This site will help you navigate companies and key processes and applications as well as providing a useful insight into the work of the MTA.

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All the members and their employees are part of the supply chain that creates wealth for Great Britain.  Every aspect of our lives is dependent on manufactured goods and engineered solutions.  For that we can thank the machine tool.  Every product we use or buy has to be manufactured.  That can only happen if we have machines that can make those machines and parts.

Everything has to be manufactured from the contact lenses and toothbrush used first thing in the morning to the cornflakes in your bowl, right through to the car and bus travel to work or college as well as your play station and mobile phone.

The MTA and its members wish you all the best in your future career in engineering.